5 Reasons to Consider a Chemical Peel

Jan 10, 2024
5 Reasons to Consider a Chemical Peel

Whether your complexion needs a little TLC or you’d like to correct a bothersome skin flaw, chances are a chemical peel can help. Here’s how this skin-supporting treatment can brighten, tighten, and smooth your skin in no time. 

You work hard to keep your face looking fresh and luminous. But even with an attentive skin care regimen that covers every base — daily cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection along with routine exfoliation — your complexion can still use a little TLC sometimes.   

As aesthetic experts who offer a full menu of cosmetic laser procedures and clinical skin care treatments at New York Laser and Skin Clinic in Brooklyn, New York, Gina Molinari and our  skilled team know that a chemical peel is often all it takes to reset tired, lackluster skin. Here’s how it works, and what it can do for you. 

Chemical peels revitalize your skin 

As your largest and most exposed organ, your skin is tasked with defending your body from the outside world. To keep itself healthy and functional, your epidermal tissue is in a constant state of exfoliation and renewal: It sloughs off and replaces about 40,000 dead skin cells a day, and generates a fresh, new skin layer every 30 days.

A chemical peel is a fully customizable treatment that supports and advances your skin’s natural exfoliation and renewal process. Defined by its depth of action, or how many layers of skin it penetrates and exfoliates, a chemical peel may be:

  • Light (superficial), removing the outermost skin layer (epidermis)
  • Medium, removing the epidermis and the upper middle skin layer (dermis)
  • Deep, removing the epidermis and penetrating the middle dermal layers 

A chemical peel is the careful application and timely removal of a skin-penetrating chemical solution (i.e., alpha-hydroxy acid, beta-hydroxy acid) that gently “peels,” or lifts away, damaged epidermal layers. Its depth of action depends on its ingredients, how it’s applied, and how long it sits on your skin before its removal.  

When to consider a chemical peel

 All chemical peels minimize minor signs of skin aging and revitalize your complexion by exfoliating dead skin cells, stimulating collagen production, and prompting rapid skin layer regeneration. Deeper peels take the process one step further to address more extensive damage like hyperpigmentation, scars, or deep wrinkles. 

Whether your complexion needs a little TLC or you’d like to correct a bothersome skin flaw, chances are a chemical peel can help. Five common reasons people come to New York Laser and Skin Clinic for this skin-boosting treatment include:

1. Complexion reset

A light chemical peel can make dull, uneven skin look brighter, tighter, and more uniform; it can also erase fine lines, smooth and soften rough skin texture, and tighten large pores. Repeating these gentle, skin-supporting treatments at regular intervals can keep your complexion looking fresh and luminous.  

2. Wrinkle reduction 

A medium chemical peel — or a series of light peels done every few weeks — can minimize the appearance of deeper creases and lines. A chemical peel is such an effective wrinkle reduction technique because of how it stimulates immediate and long-lasting collagen regeneration and elastin renewal.   

3. Dark spot removal

A chemical peel is an ideal way to address sun-damaged skin, including dark spots and other areas of hyperpigmentation. Light to medium peels work well to lift away superficial damage and dark spots, while a one-time deep peel can help correct severe hyperpigmentation within your deeper dermal layers.  

4. Gentle skin tightening 

Age-related collagen depletion can undermine the foundational structures of your dermal tissues and leave you with increased laxity, otherwise known as skin sag. By removing loose layers and triggering deep collagen remodeling, chemical peels can reverse mild laxity and gently tighten your skin.

5. Scar and mark reduction

Medium to deep chemical peels can effectively erase shallow, pitted acne scars, minimize the appearance of deeper, more severe scars, and improve the appearance of stretch marks on any area of skin.

Ready to renew the skin you’re in?

Simple, quick, effective, and easy to customize, chemical peels can improve a variety of common skin issues, ranging from uneven tone, rough texture, large pores, and a dull complexion to fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, mild skin sag, acne scars, and stretch marks. 

To find out how regular light peels can elevate your skin care routine — or to learn how you can benefit from a one-time medium or deep chemical peel — give us a call today, or click online to schedule a visit at New York Laser and Skin Clinic in the Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn, New York anytime.